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Author Alarm Digital Antitheft


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IGLA-231 is a special device developed to protect your car from theft. IGLA-231 is a device that locks engines and other car systems using the CAN bus. Once the key fob is within a certain distance from your vehicle, authorization with a PIN code can be entered using the vehicle's buttons or your smartphone. Moreover, due to its small size, the device can be installed almost anywhere in a car.

The digital protection used in the anti-theft systems produced by AUTHOR is truly special and it is officially proofed with a patent issued by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

Please click here for compatibility, instruction manual, IGLA comparison table, and additional information.

- Authorization with key fob proximity and then a PIN code with either your vehicle's buttons or your smartphone
- Key fob proximity range for authorization is approximately 3 to 10 meters
- Locking of the engine and automatic transmission with the CAN bus with no intervention into the wiring
- 100% safe for the engine; vehicle's warranty is preserved
- Anti Hi-Jack mode with the safe engine shut off
- User-friendly service mode with no need to disclose a PIN-code
- Device does not manifest itself until the PIN code is entered
- No subscription fee or additional payments are required

Author Alarm Digital Antitheft