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Author Alarm Digital Antitheft


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IGLA PRO is a special device designed to protect your car from theft and robbery. Its innovation lies in the technology of blocking the engine on the vehicle's regular electric circuits, which does not require the laying of additional wiring, which is easy to detect. The unlocking is carried out with a label, a smartphone, or by entering a PIN code using the vehicle's standard buttons.

IGLA PRO does not give out its presence in the car until the engine lock is turned on. In addition, the device can be installed almost anywhere in the car. IGLA PRO is a new intelligent approach to protecting your car.

Digital Lock: What is the difference between a digital clock and an analog one? Traditional analog protection disconnects the main circuit using a relay. But hijackers find the relay on non-standard wires and characteristic clicks 'by ear', after which they close the wires directly. Digital locking is a fundamentally new solution in which wiring is not interrupted, there is no relay, and commands are transmitted at the software level

Please click here for compatibility, instruction manual, IGLA comparison table, and additional information.

- Double Authorization: The proximity of a key fob to your vehicle, then by PIN code using a smartphone or using your vehicle's buttons
- Intellectual interlocks
- Anti-Hijack mode with safe engine muffling
- Anti Hijack mode with the safe engine shut off
- Available comfort functions
- No monthly fees
- Preservation of the dealer warranty

Author Alarm Digital Antitheft